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lmproving Perimeter Sales Using RetailPusher Systems


The perimeter of the grocery store has always been popular with shoppers. Full of essentials like fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy and frozen, the perimeter is stocked with everyday essentials that are often on shopping lists.

A recent report from Supermarket News shows that 70% of retailers witnessed an increase in perimeter sales in the last year. In response, many of these grocers (40%) are planning to increase storage space for these perishable items. What can grocers do to leverage these heightened perimeter sales even further? Improve store displays with retail merchandising solutions. See how retail pusher systems can benefit customers, brands and retailers.

Benefits of Retail Pusher Systems to Consumers

Shoppers enter grocery stores with a goal—completing their shopping trip efficiently and finding the things they need for a good price. When perimeter products are placed into pusher trays, they create a billboard effect, which makes locating products easier and comparing them more efficient.

Benefits of Retail Pusher Systems to Brands

Pusher trays let branding shine by allowing shoppers to clearly see product names and labels. This is done using a clear lens which makes it easy to see the branding and keeps products standing up which can make them easier to see and read.

Benefits of Retail Pusher Systems to Retailers

Yes, pusher trays really are a win, win, win. And the benefits to retailers are even more extensive.

Products Look Great with Less Staff Intervention

Pusher trays help retailers save on labor. But how? By auto-conditioning items and keeping them front-facing and neat, they require less staff intervention. This time can instead be used to restock items or open more check-out lanes.

Restocking Made Easier

Speaking of restocking, with pusher trays, it can be a whole lot faster and easier. When restocking perimeter items like leafy greens or sliced cheese, simply pull the tray out and refill products in order of expiration. Stores will need to stock less often with “case-plus” capacity trays that put more items on the sales floor and fewer in the backroom.

Slash Shrinkage, Spoilage Losses

Encourage shoppers to stick to the ideal stock rotation by keeping older products up front and newer ones in the back. This means fewer spoiled products will go to waste. Retail Space Solutions Pusher Trays are designed with airflow channels to ensure refrigerated and frozen perimeter items stay at the appropriate temperature keeping them fresher longer.



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