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Snack Trends to Watch in 2023

Shoppers like trying new things. And they like to try them first. “Have you tried the new restaurant downtown?” “Have you tried that viral social media recipe for feta pasta?” The same holds true with snacking. Seeing the big, bolded “NEW” on the packaging stops snackers in their tracks and, from there, impulsivity takes over. In 2022, snack sales were up 11.7% with salty snacks and jerky leading the (snack) pack.

As snackers continue to evolve and search for new (or new to them) products, flavors and packaging, grocers need to stay ahead of these snacking trends to get family-sized profits (and not just crumbs). Here are 3 snacking trends for grocers and c-stores to expect in 2023.

Snackers are Searching for Healthier Options

Snacks that are high in protein, plant-based or gluten-free are seeing rapid growth. And healthy snacking will continue to grow to reach an anticipated $152 billion by 2029. When browsing healthy snacks, it’s important for shoppers to be able to quickly read labels at a glance. Words like “grass-fed” on jerky or “organic” on a snack mix can help communicate a healthy snack quickly. And shoppers can’t get enough.

New, Bold Flavors Excite

Say yes to snacks with bold tastes including Korean, Indian and Mexican-inspired flavors. An overall trend for grocers in 2023 was the growing popularity of spicy and ethnic foods. This trend is witnessed in the snack aisle as well. For example, Lay’s launched World Cup-inspired flavors like Wavy Carnitas Street Taco and Adobadas. Limited-time offer flavors give consumers the classic fear of missing out (FOMO) and can also lead to a purchase.

Snacks Wherever you Are

Unfortunately, preschool may be the only phase in life that has a designated “snack time”. Many sweet and salty snacks are eaten during the in-between. In the car waiting to pick up the kids? Granola bar. Stuck in traffic? Candy. On your way to the gym after work? Trail mix. And of course, a mixed bag known as the school sack lunch. Cold snacks like cheese, nuts and berry packs are hot. Often healthier, these snacks can be saved for later while still being convenient.

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